Change the port number of SSAS Instance

If you have a named instance of Analysis Services this will listen on a dynamic TCP port which is assigned when the service starts.

Only a default instance will listen on TCP port 2383.

In order to change this to a static port follow the below steps;

1) Connect to the Analysis Services instance using Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

2) Select ‘Properties’

3) Select ‘General’

4) Browse to ‘Port’ and change the value to the specified TCP port. (By default this value should be ‘0’)

5) Select ‘OK’

6) Restart the Analysis Services instance.

You can confirm the Analysis Services instance is now listening on the above port by running the following command:

netstat /aob

Search for the TCP port you have specified in Step 4 and confirm the executable ‘msmdsrv.exe’ is listening on this port.

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