Create a Domain Controller with Windows 2008 R2 Server Core

The below details the steps required to add an existing domain controller as a replica to a domain. The below is based on the assumption that the following has been performed on the server core installation using the Server Configuration tool (sconfig.exe):

* Rename the server

* Set the IPv4/IPv6 address

* Joined the domain

1) Install the DNS Server role using the following command:

ocsetup DNS-Server-Core-Role

2) Add the Active Directory Directory Services role to the server core installation using the dcpromo.exe command;

To add an additional domain controller as a Global Catlog server run the following command;

dcpromo /unattend /replicaOrNewDomain:replica /replicaDNSDomainName:<domain> /ConfirmGC:Yes /Username:<DOMAIN>\<username> /Password:<password> /SafeModeAdminPassword: <password>

To get a list of full parameters type dcpromo.exe /? at the command line.

To remove a domain controller type the following from a command line;

dcpromo /unattend /AdministratorPassword:<password>

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