Configure Directory Services Configuration for ESXi Host

The below details how to configure Directory Services configuration to use Active Directory for ESXi host configuration:

1) Log on to the ESXi host using the vSphere client

2) Select ‘Configuration’ tab

3) Select ‘Authentication Services’

4) Select ‘Properties’

5) From the ‘Select Directory Service Type’ drop-down menu select ‘Active Directory’

6) Enter the domain who wish to join in the ‘Domain’ text based menu. By default the computer account will be created in the ‘Computer’ container, to specify an organisational unit, you will need to type the canonical name.

7) Select ‘Join Domain’.

8) You will be prompted to enter the login credentials with permission to join the domain. Enter username and password and select ‘Join Domain’.

9) Select ‘Permissions’ tab

10)  Right click and select ‘Add Permission’

11) From the Users and Groups section, select ‘Add’ and select the user or group object from the active directory domain added in Step 5 and Select ‘OK’

12) Choose a role to assign to the user or group object selected in Step 11 and select ‘OK’

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