Register for free Veeam Backup & Replication NFR licence as a VCP

I currently do not use Veeam Backup & Replication currently in a production environment, I have previously evaluated the current release (as well as previous iterations) and have been impressed with features such as Instant VM recovery and the use of the vPower NFS server, advanced replication features which include  real failback and the Sure Backup feature. 

One of the main disadvantages I found when using the product was that the new version introduced a distributed architecture which is true with the use of backup proxy servers. However I found that the inability to schedule more than one VM in a backup job at a time required more management in larger environments. 

As a VCP I recently found out that I was entitled to a NFR licence for evaluation and demonstration purposes; this is available to all vExperts, VCPs and VCIs for free and covers a two-socket licence; the URL to register for the free NFR licence:

5 thoughts on “Register for free Veeam Backup & Replication NFR licence as a VCP

  1. Hi Deam – thanks for the blog post.

    Regarding the distributed architecture and proxies, I think there may be something missing. The whole goal of them is to address multiple simultaneous backups as well as reducing management overhead.

    How can I help?

    Rick Vanover, Product Strategy Specialist for Veeam


    1. Hi Rick,

      Many Thanks for the response. What I was finding is that if I created a backup job that targeted a folder object within vCenter which contained a large number of VMs, the job scheduler would only process a single VM, once completed then move onto the next VM in the queue.

      If I created more backup jobs targeting the VMs at say the datastore object I could run these concurrently to achieve to achieve simultaneous backups of the VM.

      I maybe did not explain myself in great detail, but I would assume that it is my approach that is the limitating factor? Or am I still missing something?

      Are there any plans in future releases to allow multiple VMs in the same job to be simultaneously backed up? Wasn’t this feature in previous versions?



  2. Thanks for explaining that, Dean. As it is now and as far as I can see, a job will iterate serially. Having parallel processing is a frequent request. I’d recommend you drop this type of comment on the forums, Gostev lives there and he is the director of Backup’s development.


  3. Good blog info. In your test environment try an exchange item recovery AIR wizard. It is not simple and requires a host of prerequisites that are not well documented. It doesn’t work with DAG groups with serious intervention and is littered with errors.

    I also use 2 virtual proxies, 1 physical and and enterprise manager along with the main veeam backup server. It backups up around 90 vms and again struggles. I recently had to separate the SQL from the veeam server to try address issues with memory. Apparently a later release will address this issue.

    The instant recovery etc is very good though.


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