Windows Deployment Services: Add OUs to the Domain OU drop down list

In order to have a drop down list available of organisational units when you specify the option to ‘Join a domain’ when using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) to deploy an operating system, the following file may be modified using a text editor to include a list of organisational units (OU) by their distinguished names.

The XML file that is required to be modified is located at \Control\DomainOUList.xml and can  be modified using the following string to include an OU:

<DomainOU>Enter the distinguished name of the organisational unit</DomainOU>

For Example, to include two OUs  UK (OU=UK,OU=Computers,DC=dean,DC=local) and USA(OU=USA,OU=Computers,DC=dean,DC=local) use the following:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

Once the above has been modified, save the file and update the deployment share.



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