Removing BDEDrive partition created by MDT

I recently noticed when capturing and deploying operating system images with Windows Deployment Services with MDT an additional partition was created named ‘BDEDrive’ which was marked as an active partition on the same disk as the operating system partition.

The BDEDrive is a system reserved partition created by the MDT deployment process by default. So how can I remove this partition?

Well, by running the below from a command prompt with elevated privelages you will be able to copy the boot files and then mark the C drive as active and remove the above partition:

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

The default behaviour may be modified by setting the below Default section in the ‘customsettings.ini’ file:


3 thoughts on “Removing BDEDrive partition created by MDT

  1. You missed the colon from the end of the command. It should read:

    bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

    Otherwise, very useful, thanks!


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