New paravirtual driver for Amazon EC2 instances

So Amazon have announced a release of a new Amazon Machine Image for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, 2008 and 2008 R2 which now includes a new pararitualized driver, which according to Amazon provides the following benefits:

  • Launch any Microsoft Windows Server AMI (2003 R2 to 2012, 64 bit) on any instance type
  • Increase your Microsoft Windows Server instance storage by mounting up to 25 EBS volumes
  • Improved network reliability and performance

For those who have existing instances and wish to upgrade to the new paravirtualized driver an upgrade script is available from

The script will replace the existing paravirtualization driver with an updated driver and will install an updated guest agent service

The script is dependent on the most current version of EC2Config being installed in the existing AMI.

Also, ensure you backup up any data prior to running the upgrade script, or alternatively create an AMI of your existing instance.

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