Modifying incorrect timezone in Nagios XI web console

I was recently looking at the last check times within Nagios XI web console, I noticed that the timestamp was incorrect in comparison to the system time on the Nagios XI system (CentOS).

On browsing to Admin > System Config > System Profile, the PHP timezone was incorrect and set to be ‘America/Chicago’.

In order to set the correct PHP timezone, I performed the following:

1) Edit ‘/etc/php.ini’ to configure the correct time zone.

2) Browse to the ‘Module Settings’ section and modify the ‘date.timezone’ setting, in my case this was to modify the timezone as below:

date.timezone = Europe/London 

3) Save the modified ‘/etc/php.ini’ file.

4) Restart the apache server:

service httpd restart 

Now the Nagios XI web console is reporting the correct timezone and times are displayed as expected.

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