Nagios XI and Ubuntu returns ‘CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes from daemon’.

When monitoring a remote Ubuntu server which Nagios XI I was receiving the below unknown message for the service status:

CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes from daemon. Check the remote server logs for error messages.

Following investigation , I noticed the following entry in /var/log/syslog:

Nov 11 15:24:58 nrpe[7768]: Error: Request contained command arguments, but argument option is not enabled!
Nov 11 15:24:58 nrpe[7768]: Client request was invalid, bailing out...

In order to resolve this issue I had to modify the Nagios configuration file (/etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg)  on the remote server to allow command arguments:

dont_blame_nrpe = 1


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