Windows Can’t Open Add Printer, No More Endpoints Available

On recently adding a printer to a Windows Server 2012 print server I received the following error message :

"Windows Can't Open Add Printer, No More Endpoints Available"

Following investigation, this appears to be due to the Windows Firewall not running, in this case the service had been disabled.

In order to resolve, the issue I set the Startup Type to be ‘Automatic’ and started the service.

Once the service was running I was able to add printers succesfully. I believe this is due to the Spooler service checking the availability of the Windows Firewall service when the first device is to be shared.



10 thoughts on “Windows Can’t Open Add Printer, No More Endpoints Available

  1. How exactly would I do this? I just got a printer from a friend and am trying to set it up. It’s connected to my internet but when I try to add it the whole “endpoint” message pops up. I’m not great with technology so laymen’s terms are appreciated if you can help me. Thanks!


  2. Thank you for posting this, Dean! I was installing printers at a client and was breaking my head for 2 hours trying to figure this out. Much appreciated!


  3. Thanks for the post. I was migrating DHCP and print services from a 2008r2 DC to a shiny new 2012r2 DC and the printer migration kept erroring out in similar fashion. Turning on the firewall fixed it immediately. Who woulda thought….


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