Generating a debug report to troubleshoot issues in PowerCLI

In order to be able to help troubleshooting an issue when invoking cmdlets in PowerCLI, you can collect debugging information by invoking the ‘Get-ErrorReport’ cmdlet to reproduce the problem and generate relevant information to a compressed file.

In order to reproduce the problem, the cmdlet runs the script block which is required to passed to the ‘ProblemScript’ parameter, in this example we will establish a connection to the vCenter Server System and assume that invoking the cmdlet ‘Get-VM’ is generating an issue.

$Script = { Connect-VIServer vcenter.domain.local 

Now that we have created the script text to which is generating an issue we need to invoke the ‘Get-ErrorReport’ cmdlet to generate the debugging information.

Get-ErrorReport -ProblemScriptTimeoutSeconds 60 -ProblemDescription "Get-VM is not returning data" -Destination 'D:\Output' -ProblemScript $Script

In the above example, we will be running the script to reproduce the issue, specifying a time period to wait until considering the problem script is not responding, creating a description of the problem and a destination to collect the debugging information as a compressed file, which will be generated with the naming convention ‘VMware-PowerCLI-Support-dd-MMM-yyyy’.

Now we can troubleshoot the issue further than the console output or provide the debugging information to PowerCLI support.

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