Logging – Part Two: Configuring vCenter Server Logging Level

Depending on the level of information you require the vCenter Server System to collect you may decide to adjust the logging level option. The logging levels for vCenter Server are as follows:

  • None (Disable Logging) – Turns off logging
  • Error (Errors Only) – Displays only error log entries
  • Warning (Errors and Warnings) – Displays warning and error log entries
  • Information (Default Logging) – Displays information, error and warning log entries. This is the default and recommended setting.
  • Verbose (Verbose) – Displays information, error, warning and verbose log entries.
  • Trivia (Extended Verbose) – Displays information, error, warning, verbose and trivia log entries. This will generate the most detail and may be most beneficial in troubleshooting.

In order to modify the vCenter Server logging level using the vSphere Client:

1) Browse  to Manage > Settings > General and select Edit.

2) Select Logging.

3) Select the logging level required from the drop down menu and select OK.


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