vRealize Orchestrator – createUserGroup Active Directory module does not set SamAccountName

I was recently creating a workflow task in vRealize Orchestrator to create a security group using a scriptable task so that the action of creating the security group is based on conditional logic to if the object currently exists in Active Directory the step will be skipped rather than report an error, something the out of the box createUserGroup action from the Active Directory plug-in does not provide. However, on creating the security group object using the workflow on viewing the details in Active Directory, the SamAccountName was not displayed as expected.


Following a little investigation I found the resolution to the cause of the issue here. So I modified my scriptable task for creating the security group to also modify the SamAccount Name property value following creation, as below:

// Creates security group in the organizational unit. 
 System.getModule("com.vmware.library.microsoft.activeDirectory").createUserGroup(groupName,container) ;
// Sets the SAMAccountName attribute to the groupName value.
userGroup = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.microsoft.activeDirectory").getUsergroupFromContainer(container,groupName);

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