Using Powershell to set file system access control list entries

As part of an automation task I was required to set access control list (ACL) permissions on a folder created. In order to achieve this I create a script block in powershell.

In my example, I had to assign Modify permissions for a security group to a directory. In this example, I will be assigning the security group ‘DOMAIN\Finance_Users’ modify permissions to the directory ‘D:\Budget’.

Firstly, we will need to get the objects that represent the security descriptor , which contains the ACL of the  directory;

$Acl = Get-Acl D:\Budget

Now we need to specify the permissions we require to add to the folder for the particular security group into a variable we will pass to the FileSystemAccessRule class and store in a second variable;

$Permission = (“DOMAIN\Finance_Users”,”Modify”,”ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit”,”None”,”Allow”)
$AccessRule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule $Permission

Once the permission has been applied we can change the security descriptor of the directory to match the values specified in the above variables;

$Acl | Set-Acl D:\Budget

For more information on the FileSystemAccessRule class, see



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