Monitor WUInstall status in Nagios XI

I recently wrote about checking the last success time of Windows Update and reporting this to Nagios ( Now what happens if you do not use Windows Update as your patch management solution. In my case I have been managing the installation of updates using WUInstall (

When my updates are installed the registry is not updated to reflect the last success time, therefore how can I monitor the last time updates were run and the status? The command line tool WUInstall provides the functionality to write the console output to a log file, in the below example each log file is written to a shared folder.

As per the previous example, I want to report if any updates have been installed in a particular time-span and if the process was successful.

In the case of the time-span this would be dependent on the host being monitored and therefore this period would be specified as a mandatory parameter when invoking the powershell script which was to be used as the check plugin within Nagios.

Param ([parameter(Mandatory = $true)][string] $Days)

Now I want to return the most recent log file for the host being monitored from the shared folder, where the log file name is that of the host and is contained in a parent folder based on the date the process was invoked. By using the Get-ChildItem cmdlet with the recurse option I am able to retrieve the most recent log file by sorting by the LastWriteTime in descending order and selecting the first file. I will return the full name of the file to a variable to pass to the Get-Content cmdlet for reading.

$LogFile = (Get-ChildItem "\\Server\Share\Logs" -Recurse | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "$env:computername*"} | Sort LastWriteTime -Descending | Select -First 1).FullName

In order to read the content of the log file we will need to encode this in Unicode format, and then search for the string ‘Overall’. In order to retrieve the overall result code we will return the next line from the content and store this as a variable.

$Log = Get-Content $LogFile -Encoding Unicode | Select-String "Overall" -Context 0,1 | % {$_.Context.PostContext}

In order to get the last run time the datetime function will be used to parse the date in the string to return the first ten characters which contain the date and the modify the date string to be in the format ‘dd/MM/yyyy’.

$LastRun = [datetime]::ParseExact($Log.Substring(0,10) , "yyyy/MM/dd", $null)
$LastRun = $LastRun.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")

Now that we have the last run time and the result code in the log variable we can use conditional logic to set the status of the service. Firstly we will check to see if the last run date is greater or equal to the timespan value specified in the mandatory days field by subtracting this from the current date and if the result code is like ‘Succeeded’ return the service status as ‘OK’

If ($LastRun -ge (get-date).AddDays(-$Days) -and $Log -like "*Succeeded*")
   $resultcode = "0"

If the last run date is less than the time-span value but the result code is like ‘Succeeded’ we will return the service status as ‘OK’.

ElseIf ($LastRun -lt (get-date).AddDays(-$Days) -and $Log -like "*Succeeded*")
   $resultcode = "1"

If the result code is not like ‘Succeeded’ we will return the service status as ‘Critical’.

ElseIf ($Log -notlike "*Succeeded*")
   $resultcode = "2"

If we are unable to retrieve any information required in the conditional logic the service status will be returned as ‘Unknown’.

   $resultcode = "3"

Finally, we will set a status information meessage based on the result code where the substring function is invoked on the  log variable to remove the first twenty characters of the string which contains timestamp information and to include the last run time and terminate the powershell session to return the exit code for the service status.

$Log.Substring(20,$Log.Length-20) + " at " + $LastRun
exit $returncode

Once a check_nrpe command has been configured in Nagios ( and you begin to monitor your host(s), you should see a service check as below:


You can also run the above in Windows Powershell, to return the status information as below:


The full powershell script can be downloaded from: 

One thought on “Monitor WUInstall status in Nagios XI

  1. WUInstall now has this option:


    Available in WuInstall 2.0

    This option refreshes the timestamps for the last successful search/install, which will be displayed in the Windows Update center.


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